NXT Energy Solutions

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. Joint Technical Paper

In December 2012, NXT conducted its first aerial SFD® survey in Pakistan for Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (“PPL”).  This survey was designed by PPL as a first pass reconnaissance survey over a frontier basin in an attempt to kick start exploration outside the traditional producing basins of Pakistan. PPL and NXT co-authored a technical paper which highlights the targets of the survey, the applicability of the technology in frontier exploration scenarios and the correlation of the SFD® results with PPL’s seismic data which was acquired shortly after the survey. The results of the correlations between the SFD® survey and PPL’s seismically identified anomalies were presented by PPL at the Pakistan Annual Technical Conference (“ATC”) in Islamabad in November, 2013.  The ATC is the premier annual forum for the showcasing of new technologies and exploration concepts being applied in Pakistan.