NXT Energy Solutions

SFD® – a Dynamic Approach to Hydrocarbon Prospecting!

 Focus your Exploration

NXT’s airborne SFD® survey system enables our clients to focus and optimize their hydrocarbon exploration decisions on manageable, high-graded prospect areas with the greatest potential.

Reduce Time, Cost & Risks

Fast-track the exploration process, and high-grade reservoir prospects with SFD®, the only remote sensing technique which can very rapidly identify trapped reservoirs, on a very cost effective basis.

Minimize Environmental Impact

SFD® is an airborne exploration survey method - this aids in minimizing the overall on-ground impact of exploration activities (seismic line clearing, etc) on both the environment and local communities.

NXT Energy Solutions Inc. was recognized as a TSX Venture 50® company in 2014. TSX Venture 50® is a trade-mark of TSX Inc. and is used under license.

Effective March 22, 2016, NXT was upgraded from the TSX-Venture Exchange to the TSX, Canada's premiere exchange